Review – Kreyol Essence Haitian Chocolate Black Castor Oil & Goat & Coconut Cream & Milk

In my country, black castor oil is very used and useful.  To repeat my fellow natural hair blogger, Johann, castor oil is a miracle oil because of its benefits to the hair and to the body in general.  I have witnessed people using it and you can believe it- this oil works wonders.

However, I was never a fan of it because of its heavy odor and thickness.  Plus, remembering all the treatments my mom used to do with it  for me during my childhood made the case worse.  When I started my first hair journey in 2010, I didn’t use it at all although I would recommend it to other naturals.  During my second journey in 2013, I would use it just during my pre-poo treatments.  But, recently, I started to use it daily 🙂

I went to the O Natur’Elle 509 meetup months ago and Yvecar Momperousse, the CEO of Kreyol Essence, did a giveaway of products.  That’s how I discovered Kreyol Essence Chocolate Black castor oil!!! Waw! Jeez! My heart just skipped a bit! Chocolate, my favorite scent, flavor……mixed with thick and gross black castor oil?!  I was curious and excited to see how it would smell, feel and work on my hair.  

The very next day, I co-washed my hair and did the LCO moisturizing method: Liquid-Cream-Oil using water, the Kreyol Essence Goat & Coconut Cream & Milk and the Kreyol Essence Black Castor Oil, Chocolate aroma.

♥ My wonder oil ♥

♥ My wonder oil ♥

Goat & Coconut Cream Milk

Goat & Coconut Cream Milk

After co-washing my hair, I applied the Goat & Coconut Cream Milk, detangled my hair with my fingers then with a wide-tooth comb and sealed the moistured with the Chocolate aroma-black castor oil.

Immediate effect- My hair was smelling good, shining and moisturized

 The Cream- The cream and milk feels like, smells like and has the same curl defining effects with Jane Carter Solution curl defining cream.  I love the fact that it is not greasy and it’s light.  It leaves no buildup (I am very generous when applying products 🙂 )1230068_10151857051457485_193143942_n

The Oil- My jam! My jam! Myyyyy jam!!! It smells good and definitely blocks the heavy odor of the black castor oil 🙂   It keeps my roots moisturized and my hair grows healthier.  I love it 🙂


I recently tried their Haitian Black Castor Oil- Lemon Aroma.  It is good too, same effects and it also blocks the castor oil’s heavy odor.


My hair all shiny and moisturized

My hair all shiny and moisturized the day after

Without hesitation, I recommend these products and I will be buying them very soon 🙂 Warm Cheers to the chocolate aroma in the Haitian Black castor oil.

If you need more information about the products, please visit their page  If you need to order their products from Haiti, please contact Jennifer Calvin-Lalanne at 4248-3696.

Disclaimer:  I am neither affiliated to KE nor was I paid to make the reviews, products were received at a giveaway during a natural hair meetup.

Let’s talk about Hair Length & Retention

This morning, on one of my forums, some of the napphies were complaining about their hair not growing or not long enough. It made me think about some small dos that we tend to neglect but that bid high on our hair length in the long run….

1- Brushing– yes! If you brush your hair with a hard brush, you brush your hair frequently and you brush your hair when it is wet, then, you may lose some strands in the process.  Therefore, brush your hair with care and with a soft brushe (denman brush, boar bristle brush, etc) or just do not brush your hair.  Doing this is more a preference than a requirement.

2- Too much manipulation– Manipulating your hair everyday, touching it every once in a while, frequent combing and styling rip away some of your hair strands.  How do you think the locked people achieve such lengths?! Their number one secret is low manipulation.   Keep your hair in protective styles, keep your hair in low manipulation dos so that you can retain maximum hair length.

3- Use of shampoo– I foresee your surprised face when you read this but yes, it does take away some of your hair.  Shampoo is harsh and a majority of them take away the natural oils from your hair.  Plus, I truly believe shampoo is not a must in a naturalista’s regimen. To cleanse your scalp, you can use other products as Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water or bentonite clay (there’s a way to use it properly) or baking soda (ATTENTION though). 

4- Lack of moisture– Your hair needs moisture to grow and blossom.  Natural black hair is very fragile and requires more moisture.  If your hair is not enough moisturized, not only will the ends break but you will definitely have less hair.  Make sure your hair regimen is set in a way for your hair to get all the moisture it needs.

5- No protection of your hair when you are going to sleep– If you need to retain length, not only do you need to keep the moisture in your hair at night by wearing a silky/satin cap/bonnet or use a silky/satin pillow but you should also take the habit to put your hair in a pineapple puff or twist/braid them.

Jael from

Jael from

6- If you don’t have a healthy diet– You are what you eat.  Your hair is you.  If you don’t eat properly to provide your body the necessary vitamins, your hair will suffer from it.  Make sure you eat properly and intake enough iron, biotin, zinc, vitamine E,D,A and B1 so that you can grow longer hair.  Alternatively, take supplements to grow healthy long hair.

7- No protection of your hair against the environmental hassles– You need to protect your hair whenever  you will be exposed to the sun ( aloe vera, tea tree oil and leaves are exemples of great sunscreens for  your hair), to cold or chlorine water.

8- Heat damage – I know nhappies experience shrinkage and use heat to go full hair length or at times, we want to straigthen our hair for a new look.  Heat can damage your natural hair, it is to be used with very much care. 

9- Harmful ingredients in your products – Take the time to review the ingredients in the products you are applying on your hair.  There are so many products to avoid in natural hair products: petrolatum, parabens, sulfate and lead to name a few. 

10- Stress– There is a correlation between stress and hair loss.There are generally two types of stress-induced hair loss: telogen effluvium and alopecia areata.Telogen effluvium occurs when sudden or severe stress causes an increase in the shedding of hair, which is generally triggered by ongoing stressful events or chronic stress. The condition is generally temporary and hair will typically grow back within 6 to 9 months.  Alopecia areata is more destructive. Intense stress may trigger a type of hair loss called alopecia areata. In this condition, white blood cells attack the hair follicle, which stops hair growth. Hair falls out relatively quickly – typically in clumps or patches within a few weeks of the stressful event. Source:  Manage your stress, relax, take it easy! 

11- Hard on the hair– Some people rock tight puffs, ponytails or leave braids in their hair for too long.  If you need long hair, you should be gentle with your hair.


Good to Know- You Cannot Have a Texturizer and Still be Natural

I’m currently re-reading “Thank God I’m Natural-The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair” by Chris-Tia Donaldson a.k.a Motown Girl and definitely think I should share the following extract:

Chapter 2- Myths & Misconceptions, p.20-Myth #8

Myth # 8- You can have a Texturizer and Still be Natural
To be quite clear: “natural hair” is hair that hasn’t been chemically straightened. Your hair is NOT natural if you use a texturizer or a chemical relaxer. These products alter the chemical makeup of your hair and straighten and/or loosen your natural curls. The same is true for no-lye relaxers and hair softeners. Some naturals, however, choose to wear their hair straight, using a heated styling appliance instead of relaxers. In my opinion, these women are still by definition considered natural.

For your information,
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