Afro Alice Hebdo- Versatile as Rebeca Gerlus…

Afro Alice is back with the interviews and this week, we are pleased to introduce you a fiery hot naturalista, FB page owner, poet, entrepreneur: Rebeca Gerlus.

Tell me about yourself.

Hello, my name is Rebeca Gerlus and I am a proud Haitian woman. I live in Haiti and am the founder and Chief Executive Office of Youth & Young Adults International Agency.
Aside from running the Agency, I truly live for fashion and everything artistic especially in the hair industry. I have always loved to do my hair, to rock different styles and be out of the norm when it came to it. I love to see diversity and love to imagine looks that will create a stare.

Versatile Hairstyles

Versatile Hairstyles

How and when did you become natural?

Since the year 2008, I had been thinking of becoming natural. Back then, I was rocking my perm but was still doing a lot of funky looks. I realize that I wasn’t really the type to always wear a blow dry; I was becoming more bored with the look and was always doing curly looks. In the year 2010, Haiti was hit with a devastating Earthquake. I flew back to the States three weeks after the quake but I wanted to come back home. I felt that God had really done something good in our lives for everyone in my family survived except our uncle who passed away. My house did not crumble, so I felt extremely blessed, because of that I wanted to give God something I cherish incredibly. I LOVED my hair; I was very attached to it so I knew it would be the ultimate sacrifice. I decided to move back to Haiti and bought a plane ticket for March, a month before my departure; I took my scissors and cut off my hair. I was wearing braids and just cut my hair from it, I than went to the barber and had him fix it for me. A few days before my departure, I again went to another barber shop and had my hair faded. Truly it was one of the BEST cut I ever did! I felt so free, so renewed, so fresh, and so happy. It was a feeling I will never forget and till this day think it was the best cut I ever did.

How did people in your surroundings react to that change?

My family were a bit shock, they knew how attached I was to my hair but they didn’t say anything because my mother, sister and cousin were already natural. They all had transitioned so perhaps it was a shock to them the no hair thing but they are so used to my “in the moment” nature.

Tell us about Versatile Hairstyles.

My page Versatile Hairstyles was created once I noticed how so many people were truly enjoying my many looks. At first, to help me on my journey, I started to watch youtube videos, I watch many people but the very first one was prettydimples01. I watched her fervently and got inspired a lot! I then started to follow other youtubers but my inspiration came from within. I just let it flow with my hair, sometimes thinking of a style, doing it on my hair, seeing something from someone and creating my own version. I don’t like to wear what others have; I can see a style from someone and create my own that is what inspiration is to me. So truly youtube has been an ENORMOUS supporter! I learn extremely from other people talents. As I was doing my styles, I kept taking pics, and sharing them on albums on my personal Facebook page. When I was on my third album, I realize that it would be better to create a page, so I thought of a name, remembered someone post underneath one of my pictures saying how my hair was so versatile, there came the name J I name the page VERSATILE HAIRSTYLES because to me, my style is not limited to the natural look, its versatile, so it comprise any & everything we can do with our hair, accentuated with the natural look.

What’s your hair regimen?

I don’t really have a regimen for my hair. I am natural but color treated, I always manage to moisturize and use products that work well with my hair and my color journey. I believe that being natural is a learning process. It is your journey with your hair, to learn what works and doesn’t, to try out different things, to be bold and just dare!

What do you love the most about your natural hair?

Natural hair can be pretty boring IF you don’t know how to style them. What I love most about Versatile Hairstyles is that it gives you a lot of choice to help with styles, lots of funk, and just many more. I love being natural! It’s the best decision I’ve made for myself when it came to fashion. I am able to do so much more, I am fortunate to know how to braid so I can pull any look. I am now experimenting with cuts and OH BOY can say no more lol! I love it love it love it love it!!!!!!!! I am really enjoying being natural, I have NEVER EVER flat iron my hair and don’t feel the need to. The most I do is blow dry to give me a blow out, big look. I live in a hot Island, we get more heat than cold so I am not going to waste my money, plus I truly don’t feel the need for it.

Any project you are working on related to natural hair?

I have MANY MANY MANY projects coming up for not only the team natural in Haiti but for the versatility! I will not spoil the surprise but can tell you all to seat tight and just wait for our upcoming activities J

A message to the natural hair community?

I will tell people to really do what is best for them and just go for it if you want to. For the newly natural hair sis, I will say to

1- Be patient with your hair

2- Never style your hair dry always make sure it’s moisturize with water therefore manageable

3- Let yourself explore and experience all your hair has to offer

4- Learn how to work with YOUR texture

5- Find products that work best with your hair

6- Don’t let any style stop you just because your hair is in its natural stage

7- Don’t change your hair because of professional environment; learn how to do professional styles

8- ENJOY the journey for it is truly amazing

Afro Alice

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Afro Alice Hebdo – Be Klasik, Be Carline

Afro Alice went indoor and interviewed one of her page administrators and supporters…..

She turns the most ordinary things into a wonder, her jewelry makes people YOUnique and Klasik.  Meet Carline, CEO of Kafe Dore, creator of Klasik Bijoux and Save Yourself and also one of our Facebook page administrators.

1)      Tell us about you.

This is the most difficult question ever because I do not like talking about myself, I just have too much to say (laughs). I’m a very simple, enthusiastic woman who chooses to live life free of conventions of the world and from our society. I love spirituality but I also believe that everyone is special enough that we should realize it one day to believe in ourself enough to do what we really love.


Carline Severe

Carline Severe

2)      Tell us about Klasik Bijoux

Klasik bijoux is my line of jewelry that I created since 2011 but for the moment this is a complete line of accessories that have been prepared by Kafedore company, it is also a love story with everything that I want to create and do with my life, nothing special but everything is special.

 3)      When and why did you return natural?

I had my hair straightened before summer 2008, but I never liked it because I judged that I never had enough long hair. I decided to do the big chop after a hairdresser sacrificed my hair with a Halle Berry cut, but this link with my hair began in 2010 when I really realized that I must live what I am as an afro woman and letting my hair alone is a great step in my well-being and self-freedom, but I respect everyone choice, this is a universal human right.

 4)      How did people surrounding you react to the change?

They liked it, my friends, my family and so one, they are always saying that big chop make me look great but I like change too much so I decided to let them grow a lillte bit this year but trust me it is not easy…I like touching my skin head ( laughs)

5)      Who were your supporters? Your hairspiration?

No hairspiration at all, when I start falling in love with my natural hair, it was more cultural than just a style; I just embrace my true self. people tend to believe that having natural hair is a continual hard work, but it is  a labor of love and I let myself go with the flow without embarrassing me or stressing me if my hair grow or not, I am comfortable with and that is what makes the story enjoyable.

 6)      Are you working on any project related to natural hair?

Yes right now I am working with Afro Alice on natural hair projects and events to be held in the near future.

 7)      What is your hair regimen?

This is the most difficult question about my natural hair; I’m still in learning stage. I have a lot of products but I always end up using the ones I love the most; my black soap that I carry with me everywhere when I travel and when I go to the beach because I can use it as a shampoo as well as shower gel, african shea butter is also a good remedy for skin, black castor oil. In general, I use products for my hair that I can also use for my skin. Like I use to say I’m not so “hairlover” but I have a beautiful love story with my hair.

 8)      What do you like most about being natural?

As I said earlier being natural for me is not only having kinky hair. If you do not feel good in your own skin with it you will give up. what I like the most about this “ I feel more pretty than ever “, it’s like having the opportunity to know  myself more and when I look in the mirror I am proud to participate in this revolution where all the companies try to adopt their products for afro hair.

 9)      A message to the existing, upcoming and potential natural hair community?

Continue the good work; having natural hair is not only about hair but more particularly about your true self. Loving your own hair is the best beautiful gift you can give to yourself, and do not forget that all the products are not for everyone, be attentive to your hair when they talk to you. We are so beautiful when we embrace our true self that I can’t imagine a woman who feels ugly just because her hair don’t have perm.

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Afro Alice Hebdo – Coucou Ginoue!

Afro Alice prend plaisir à vous faire découvrir cette semaine une jeune femme haitienne vivant sur le territoire voisin qui crée des accessoires et des bijoux qui nous rend choues…

Parle-nous de toi.

Je suis Regine Clerval, 24 ans d’âge. Etudiante haïtienne en thérapie physique à Santiago, République dominicaine. Je suis facile à vivre.

Regine Clerval

Regine Clerval

Quand et comment es- tu redevenue naturelle?

 J’ai maintenant deux ans depuis que j’ai fait mon big chop. J’ai été inspirée par Annie Emilcar (Alice Giordani) et par quelqu’un d’autre que je voyais chaque jour à l’université. J’avais décidé de tout couper car j’avais plusieurs chutes et mes cheveux n’arrivaient pas à pousser et les produits que j’utilisais, bien qu’ils étaient de très bonne qualité, ne servaient à rien.

Comment ont réagi tes proches? Qui t’a supporté?

Ma mère n’était pas d’accord au début, pour elle, les cheveux longs et lisses sont meilleurs que les cheveux naturels, mais mon père m’a supporté, il adore mes cheveux.

Travailles-tu sur des projets concernant les cheveux naturels?

Je crée des bijoux qui mettent en valeur les cheveux naturels.  Pour de plus amples informations, vous pouvez visiter ma page Facebook Ginoue Bijoux.

Parle-nous de Ginoue Bijoux

Je faisais partie d’un groupe de jeunes femmes aux cheveux naturels et j’avais remarqué qu’elles utillisaient des accessoires hors du commun pour réhausser leur beauté. Et  l’idée m’est venuede créer des bijoux qui flatteraient leurs couronnes crépues ou bouclées.   J’ai commencé à prendre  des cours. Avec mon imagination et les instructions que j’ai reçues,  j’ai créé quelques accessoires que j’ai présenté aux jeunes femmes.  Le feedback a été très positif. C’est ainsi que j’ai comencé l’aventure de Ginoue Bijoux.  Avec GB, le client peut faire des commandes personnalisées.

Quel est ton régime capillaire?

Je viens de changer mon shampoo, avant j’utilisais les produits Suave. Maintenant,  j’utilise un shampoo fait maison, à base de shampoo neutre et d’aloe vera et de canelle. Je fais un traitement protéiné (mayonaise, jaune d’œuf, miel) et un bain d’huile chaque 2 semaines, et un lavage avec rinse chaque 2 jours. J’utilise aussi Antichute, Kuz ou Alterego pour mes cheveux chaque soir.

Qu’est-ce que tu aimes le plus à être naturelle?

Le respect et l’admiration que j’inspire aux autres…

Un message pour celles qui font partie de la communauté naturelle?

Etre naturelle, est un processus lent, dur mais tellement satisfaisant. Il faut avoir de la patience et du courage pour faire la transition et rester naturelle… Ne vous arrêtez pas à mi-chemin…


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Afro Alice Hebdo – Gessica Généus, Fière de Sa Couronne Crépue

La découverte des étoiles haitiennes aux couronnes crépues continue… Aujourd’hui, Afro Alice vous présente Gessica Généus, actrice, scénariste haitienne.

 1-      Parle-nous de toi. 

Je suis encore entrain de chercher à comprendre et à savoir. Mais déjà je peux dire que je ne suis ni plus ni moins qu’une jeune femme en quête de paix intérieure, en quête de connexion avec mon identité la plus profonde.

Gessica Généus

Gessica Généus

 2-      Parle-nous de ta carrière dans le cinéma. 

J’ai commencé à faire du cinéma en Haiti à l’âge de 17. Mon premier film, Barikad,  a eu un succès considérable. J’ai ensuite enchainé avec Cousines avec lequel j’ai gagné le prix de Meilleure Actrice au BIFF (Brooklyn international film festival).  Puis, j’ai compris comprendre que ca valait la peine que je me batte pour en faire un métier. Après  Cousines,  j’ai joué dans Le Président a-t-il le sida, Les amours d’un Zombi, We love you Anne, Moloch Tropical, Toussaint Louverture et Bird people.  Aujourd’hui je suis scénariste et je fais lentement des pas vers le monde de la réalisation. Je vis un peu entre Haiti, Paris …. Et partout où le vent m’emporte.

 3-       Quand et comment es- tu redevenue naturelle? 

Cela fait déjà 8 ans que j’ai les cheveux comme la nature me les a donnes. C’est une rencontre avec une amie qui a provoqué le déclic. A l’époque,  il n’y avait pas autant de blogs et d’informations concernant les méthodes de transition et les soins pour cheveux naturels. Elle m’a montré l’un des rares sites qui existaient et il y avait une phrase extraordinaire écrite sur la page d’accueil que je n’oublierai jamais: “ While everybody’s hair goes down, my hair goes up, where the best is to be found.” J’ai  fait une première tentative qui a échoué mais le 1er décembre 2005 fut la dernière fois que mes racines furent soumises aux brûlures du défrisage.

 4-      Comment ont réagi tes proches?

Je me souviens que la première réaction de ma mère fut de me dire que j’étais affreuse …. Faut dire que ma mère a un franc parler qui va au delà de ce que l’oreille peut supporter.   Mais,  elle finit par s’y faire et même me trouver plus belle avec mon afro.  Aujourd’hui, elle est en pleine transition et je ne l’ai jamais forcé à le faire … ca a pris toute une vie pour qu’elle se décide ainsi que ma petite sœur et ma cousine… (Rire).  Je ne cherche jamais à convaincre les gens. J’estime que je n’ai pas ce droit et je sais aussi que rien ne sert de marteler l’esprit des autres à essayer de les convaincre.  Nous faisons toujours nos choix au moment où nous le souhaitons.

 5-      Qui t’a supporté?  Qui est/sont ton/tes hairspirations(s)? 

Au début, durant la période de transition, je n’avais pas de modèle.  Par contre, je demandais souvent conseil à Rania Dérose.  On ne se voit plus mais c’est une fille que j’apprécie. Elle a une page qui traite des cheveux naturels sur Facebook du nom de “Bèltèt Grenn”.  Ensuite, je peux dire que je l’ai vécu un peu dans la solitude.  C’était  beaucoup plus que juste avoir les cheveux crépus.  C’était un renouveau! Je voulais comprendre… je voulais gouter à la sensation d’être libre à l’intérieur… libre dans ma tête … dans mon âme… je voulais la paix…

 6-      Travailles-tu sur des projets concernant les cheveux naturels? 

Disons qu’en ce moment je travaille beaucoup plus sur des projets en rapport avec la crise d’identité chez les jeunes femmes.  Je n’aime pas trop le terme « crise d’identité » parce que ça sonne comme une maladie ou une anomalie. Mais, bon! Je pense que c’est ce qui explique mieux mon objectif.  Je veux proposer aux jeunes une nouvelle façon de voir, de faire, de penser.  Ensuite, ils choisiront  ce qui leur  convient.  Je ne veux que suggérer, je ne veux rien imposer à personne.

 7-      Quel est ton régime capillaire? 

En ce moment, je claudique encore quant au choix d’un régime capillaire stable. Tantôt je me lave les cheveux avec du savon noir (Alep),  tantôt avec de l’argile (Rhassoul) ou avec un savon que fait ma cousine à base d’aloe vera.  J’ai pris conscience que l’aloe est une mine d’or.   Ensuite,  je m’hydrate toujours les cheveux avec de l’eau dans lequel je mets de l’huile essentielle (jojoba, oléine de karité, huile de ricin, huile d’avocat) et bien sûr,  mon incontournable pot de beurre de karité que j’utilise pour mes cheveux et pour ma peau. Je dois t’avouer que je ne suis pas très “freak” en ce qui à trait à mes cheveux.  J’en prends soin mais sans que ca devienne une obsession.   Après tout, ce ne sont que des cheveux! Ma couronne, il est vrai … mais une reine reste une reine avec ou sans couronne (rire)

 8-      Qu’est-ce que tu aimes le plus à être naturelle? 

Que c’est un choix. La mienne. 

 9-       Un message pour celles qui font partie de la communauté naturelle? 

Notre combat va au-delà  d’avoir les cheveux naturels, elle est fondamentale!  C’est une quête … un retour à notre essence même!  C’est une affirmation de notre moi le plus profond… Et cette liberté n’a pas de prix…

Afro Alice Hebdo – Mélissa Beauvery and her Lockqueendom

When locks and words meet, when art and beauty mix, you find Mélissa Beauvery, a Haitian naturalista and word artist. 

 1- Tell me about yourself

I am a spoken word artist, potter and art/cultural activist. I am very down to earth, practical and simple. I love life, laughter and people. I create art as self-expression and therapy through this life cycle.

Francesca Andre Photography

Francesca Andre Photography

 2- How and when did you become natural?

In my teenage years, I always had braids or kinky twist extensions in my hair. I never really liked relaxing or doing my hair. My last relaxer was when I had to do my hair for family function and it ate one side of my hair. I was devastated. I decided to cut my hair completely and I loved how I looked.

 3- How did your surrounding react to the change?

When some people saw me without any hair they would say things like “ou te pi bèl lontan” or “ou te gen bèl cheve.” Ou konnen bote yon fanm se nan cheve l”. It dawned on me how addicted we were as a people, to a false European rendition of beauty we never would and could achieve because it is not ours. It was a very liberating to own my hair texture.

 4- Who was your support? Your hairspiration?

My brother had locks and cut his and my friend Mely has such long beautiful locks I was inspired. I love the way each lock molded. Years ago, It was five days before the New Year and I asked Mely to do small individual twists and it took two days and I have never used a comb since.

 5- Tell us about your lock journey.

Mwen pè peny. I am literally TERRIFIED of a comb. So I knew that locking it would be my best alternative to avoid the painful process of untangling my hair.  I wash and retwist once a week and sometimes once every two weeks. I do not twist them tight nor do I apply heat to my hair.  I have grown an attachment to my locks and I always remember a time period according to the length of my hair or color of my locks. It is as if my hair grows with me. It has been about four years and I love to see how we have slowly grown together.

  6- What’s your hair regimen?

A little castle soap for my scalp and hair.  I like using deep treatments weekly because the color of my hair. My favorite hair mask is the banana, egg, honey and olive oil . My hair drinks it up and has good strength and shine afterward. I like to re-twist my hair with honey wax or olive oil mixed with castor oil. I also put essential oils so my hair could smell good. As for grease, I use Indian hemp and I mix castor oil, olive oil and ginger to stimulate growth and of course some essential oils.

 7- Tell us more about your writings.

My writings are pretty much my reflections of any given time and manifestation of the world in my head. But recently, Haiti has been in heart and is the main focus of my writings due what is going on overall in Haiti and my experiences abroad.

My writings are really more in storytelling format. They don’t hold the same metrics and grammar rules of more formal poetry and prose. It really a formless story. Free.

 8- Do you have any upcoming project you are working on?

I am working on more theater centered writings such as monologues and short skits highlighting various social issues.

 9- What’s your thought about the natural hair revolution which started in the U.S and is widespread in Haiti?

I am elated that the natural hair revolution has spread in Haiti. Nothing is more POWERFUL than the hair if a black woman and what it represents for her image her heritage. The pride, acceptance and self love.

 10- Any message to the Haitian natural hair community?

Keep your crown!  You are and will always be a queen.


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Afro Alice Hebdo – Un “Ti Pale” avec Rutshelle Guillaume

Aujourd’hui Afro Alice vous entraine dans le monde de Rutshelle Guillaume, une fleur soleil, une star montante du showbizz haitien qui porte ses cheveux au naturel.

1–      Parle-nous de toi. 

Je suis Rutshelle Guillaume, née à Port-au-Prince le 28 juillet. 
Je suis benjamine et la seule fille de ma famille. J’ai étudié la philosophie à l’école normale supérieure.  Ancienne professeure de grammaire et de philosophie au Nouveau Collège Bird, je travaille actuellement comme agent de protocole, attaché au Kiosque du Ministère des Haïtiens vivant à l’Étranger (MHAVE) à l’Aéroport international TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE.  J’ai une petite fille Ruth-Warlly O. Registre.

 rutshelle guillaume

2-       Quand et comment es- tu redevenue naturelle? 

 Le mot ‘’naturel’’ a toujours fait partie de la personne que je suis aujourd’hui, c’est pour dire que j’ai toujours été comme ca.

3-      Comment ont réagi tes proches?

A dire vrai, au tout début,  mes parents n’étaient pas d’accord que je devienne chanteuse.  En effet, je suis née dans une famille chrétienne,  mon papa est pasteur donc j’ai passé beaucoup de mauvais moments avec mes proches avant d’entamer cette carrière.

 4-      Qui t’a supporté?  Qui est/sont ton/tes hairspiration(s)? 

Mes deux grands frères Maxnold et Jethro ont toujours été la avec  et pour moi,  malgré tout.  J’ai, par la suite, fait la connaissance de personnes évoluant dans le domaine et qui m’ont beaucoup aidé comme:
Emeline Michel, Yole Dérose, etc…

Mes hairspirations viennent de partout, dépendant de ce que je vois et qui je rencontre.  

5-      Travailles-tu sur des projets actuellement?

Bien sur et ceci avec beaucoup d’émotion et de motivation. Vous pouvez retrouver toute mon actualité sur ma page facebook : et sur twitter: @rutshelle.  Je travaille notamment sur la préparation de mon album, et sur la préparation de concerts au Canada.

 6-      Quel est ton régime capillaire? 

Tout est naturel, je n’y fais rien de spécial…

7-      Qu’est-ce que tu aimes le plus à être naturelle? 

C’est premièrement le fait de me sentir bien dans ma peau.   J’aime être comme je suis.  Deuxièmement,  c’est que le fait d’être naturelle me rend remarquable. De mes cheveux jusqu’à la façon de m’habiller, je reste naturelle.

 8-       Un message pour celles qui font partie de la communauté naturelle? 

Restez comme vous êtes c’est le meilleur choix et encouragez d’autres à faire le même choix.


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Afro Alice Hebdo – Up to NJ to Meet Christelle Faustin

The naturalista adventure goes on with a haitian plus-size model and naturalista, Christelle Faustin.  Afro Alice is sharing her interview with you.

1.       Tell me about yourself

My name is Christelle Faustin. I am from Haiti and live in New Jersey.   I am a part-time plus size model, a college graduate in Clinical Psychology and a volunteer at the Red Cross.

Christelle Faustin

                           Christelle Faustin

 2.       When and why did you return natural?

I began my natural journey on July 9th 2012.  During my last trip to Haiti in 2010, before the devastating earthquake, I was looking at old pictures of me and the family and one picture really caught my attention, it was the one of my first communion. My mom had blown dried my hair but didn’t flat iron it and was saying to myself how I would love to remember how did this texture of my hair felt. But I didn’t have the guts to cut all my hair off. However, in 2012, I saw the beautiful results my friend Djenane Desrouleaux was getting and I decided it was time.

 3.       How did people surrounding you react to the change?

After I did the big chop, I felt the most liberating feeling in the world. I was shocked at myself – I didn’t miss my permed hair at all. It felt so good not having hair, lol. But my family wasn’t too happy mostly because they thought that it wouldn’t grow back.

 4.       Who did support you? Who was your hairspiration?

The most supportive person was my boyfriend Christopher Dominique. When I told him I was going to chop my hair off, he told me “if it makes you happy, than I am happy”. One person that inspires me daily, not only with her natural hair but with her style and her spirit, is Solange Knowles. I truly loved watching her evolve into this beautiful woman that she is, along with her natural hair journey.

 5.       How did you become a plus size model?

While working at my first job as a drive-thru cashier at Boston Market back in 2011, I was approached by the COO of a full-figure company called Infinite Form to attend a casting they were having. She told me she loved my personality, my face and most importantly my height. I wasn’t too sure about it but I went anyway and got casted. Since then, I have participated in various events like New Jersey Full Figure Fashion week, Plus Night Out in New York similar to Fashion Night Out etc. I took a break from modeling last fall to focus on finishing school. Happy to say I did. I plan on going back to that soon.

 6.       What is your hair regimen?

My hair regimen is pretty simple. I don’t use any shampoo, I only co-wash my hair. I do a deep conditioning treatment twice a month or whenever I feel like my hair needs it. Before the conditioning treatment I prepoo my hair with coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil overnight. I also use a homemade mixture of Shea butter. I drink lot water and make sure to take my multi vitamins

  7.       What do you like most about being natural?

I truly love the versatility of my natural hair. I love the texture of my natural hair, it’s strong yet soft, kinky one day and curly the next. I love the different hair styles you can achieve with natural. I also love inspiring other women.

 8.       A message to the existing, upcoming and potential natural hair community?

To the existing natural community, please be kind to other natural girls and women. I am starting to see competition in the natural community; some are comparing hair textures, hair length and thinking they are better than the rest. It is not nice. Also don’t be afraid to share some tips and tricks you can really make a difference. To the upcoming natural community, do not see being “natural” as being part of a trend, you won’t survive. Having natural hair is not easy. It requires a lot of care, a faithful regimen and depending on one’s hair texture; you might have to do your hair every day. But if you think it’s for you, don’t be afraid. Be sure to Love every step of your natural journey and avoid comparing your hair with someone else’s. You won’t get the same results. Do not become a product junkie. A product junkie is person who buys every single product that someone recommends. You will waste a lot of money. Learn about your hair find what works for you and stick to it. There is a lot of information that one can reach out for, example books, blogs, and YouTube. Do not hesitate to use the information and make sure you do your research on some of the products that you are going to purchase.  Happy journey to all of you.